UO Athletics Tour Start

UO Athletics Tour Start

  • <p>Olympian Otis Davis</p>
  • <p>DJ Sanders</p>
  • <p>Robert Johnson</p>
  • <p>Sydney Lawrence</p>
  • <p>Akili Smith</p>

University of Oregon

Athletics Tour

In college athletics the No. 1 is special. First in a race. First to win an award. First place at the end of the season. With the No. 1 as inspiration, this tour focuses on the many groundbreaking firsts by Black athletes at the University of Oregon. Some date back to 1927. Others happened as recently as 2020. Stride along this roughly 5K route to discover the moments when Black athletes made their mark in UO history.

Directions to the start

The route starts at the tower at Hayward Field, on the Southwest corner of Agate Street and 15th Avenue. Designed to look like an Olympic torch, it features the faces of iconic former athletes.